Basic Policy
Shin-Etsu Polymer Green Activities
Environmental Management System

 Fundamental Policy
The Green Activities strengthen, reform, and improve the corporate structure from an environmental perspective. This concept forms the basis for our corporate activities.

Action Guidelines:
Green Activity Recycling Committee
  1. Reforming and improving environmental performance
    • Reduce energy used and CO2 emissions.
    • Cut back on waste generation and promote reuse and recycle to achieve zero emissions.
    • Manage chemical materials appropriately, reduce amount of releases to the environment of specific chemical substances.

  2. Establishing an environmental management system
    • Acquire ISO 14001 certification for all our plants and companies and maintain continual improvement

  3. Environmental communication with interested parties
    • Appropriately convey the Company's Green Activities to all interested parties by publishing environmental reports and using the Company website.
    • Build up the corporate structure that can provide necessary environmental and safety information to our customers.
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