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 JC Type
JC type Inter-Connector is a heat seal connector that is made up of a polyester film as a substrate, and carbon conductive lines printed on the film. JC type is coated with an anisotropic conductive adhesive. JC type is useful for LCD's applications.

Outline Dimensions:
Dimensions and Tolerances:
Item Unit Standard
 Size L×H* mm 100×400 max.
 Dimension tolerance  Length(L)
mm ±0.25
±0.25(10H120), ±0.5 (120<H200), ±1.0 (200<H400)
 Width of Conductor(Tc) mm 0.25min.
 Pitch tolerance mm ±0.05 (P<1.0) ±0.10 (P1.0)
 Accumulative pitch(TP) mm ±0.1 (TP100)
 Thickness of base film(T) µm 25
 Pitch(P) mm 0.5
 Thickness of cover film(option) µm 12 or 25
*Max. size depend on pitch.
Shin-Etsu Inter-Connector has been registered in European Community, TM No.000299016, and in the United States of America, TM No.2078941.
 Base film Polyester
 Conductive lines Thermosetting resin silver/carbon ink
 Adhesive Thermosetting synthetic rubber
 Conductive particles Gold plated plastic particles
 Insulation layer* Printed UV setting resin
*Optional: polyester cover film, polyester stiffener for ZIF connector.
Basic Properties:
Item Properties Conditions
 Conductive resistance 100/sqr 10~30°C, 30~80%RH
 Insulation resistance 100M 10~30°C, 30~80%RH
 Peel strength (Initial) 2.94N/cm 90°peel, 100mm/min.
 Storage time 6 months max. Sealed,0~40°C,RH50%
Bonding Conditions Range:
 Adhesive temperature 110~130°C
 Pressure 2.0±0.5MPa
 Time 5±2 seconds(Adhesive temp.110°C)
*This temperature should be applied only to the bonding area. Surfaces should be free of dust and contamination.

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