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 JS Type
JS-type Inter-Connectors consist of conductive silver/carbon traces printed on polyester film. Adhesive material, in which conductive particle is dispersed, is applied to the traces to heat-seal the connectors to other components. The adhesive type has the alternative of KN or LA. KN-type is a semi thermosetting adhesive and LA-type is a thermosetting adhesive. Due to the heat resistance and peel-strength of LA-type, this type can be used for automotive applications. Besides, the component contains no chlorine, Both KN and LA are compatible with ZIF connector, which is easily inserted and extracted with some force.

Outline Dimensions:
Dimensions and Tolerances:
Item Unit Standard
 Size L×H* mm 100×150 max.
 Dimension tolerance  Length(L)
mm ±0.25
H120±0.25   H>120±0.5
 Width of Conductor (Tc) mm 0.1min.
 Pitch tolerance mm ±0.05 (P<1.0)±0.03 (0.2P0.4)
±0.10 (P1.0)
 Accumulative pitch(TP) mm ±0.05 (P0.4,TP100)
±0.10 (P>0.4,TP100)
 Thickness of base film(T) µm 25
 Pitch(P) mm 0.2
 Thickness of cover film(option) µm 12 or 25
*Max. size depend on pitch.
Shin-Etsu Inter-Connector has been registered in European Community, TM No.000299016, and in the United States of America, TM No.2078941.
JS-LA Type JS-KN Type
 Base film Polyester Polyester
 Conductive lines Thermosetting resin silver/carbon ink Thermosetting resin silver/carbon ink
 Adhesive Thermosetting synthetic rubber Semi-thermosetting synthetic rubber
 Conductive particles Gold plated plastic particles Gold plated carbon particles
 Insulation layer* Printed UV setting resin Printed thermoplastic synthetic rubber
*Optional: polyester cover film, polyester stiffener for ZIF connector.
Basic Properties:
Item KN Data LA Data Conditions
 Conductive resistance 0.5/ 0.5/ 10~30°C, 30~80%RH
 Insulation resistance 100M 100M 10~30°C, 30~80%RH
 Peel strength (Initial) 2.94N/cm 4.90N/cm 90°peel, 100mm/min.
 Storage time 6 months max. 6 months max. Sealed,0~40°C,RH50%
Bonding Conditions Range:
Type JS-LA Type JS-KN Type
 Adhesive temperature 160~190°C 140~170°C
 Pressure 4.0±0.5MPa 3.5±0.5MPa
 Time 6±2 seconds(Adhesive temp.160°C) 7±2seconds(Adhesive temp.140°C)
*This temperature should be applied only to the bonding area. Surfaces should be free of dust and contamination.

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