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The MAF type is a low resistance inter-connector, consisting of metal fibers which are embedded randomly into a sheet of silicone rubber. The fibers that protrude from the surface are gold plated.

Outline Dimensions:
Dimensions and Tolerances:
Item Unit MAF-Type
 Sheet thickness(T) mm 0.2,0.3,0.4,0.5±0.05
 Diameter of the metal fiber µm 30 (in the edge, gold-plated treated, brass)
 Length(L) mm 1.0~300.0
 Width(W) mm 1.0~50.0
Shin-Etsu Inter-Connector has been registered in European Community, TM No.000299016, and in the United States of America, TM No.2078941
Basic Properties:
Item Unit Values
 Shore hardness A ISO7619(type A) 65~73
 Compression set* % 30~35
 Current Carrying capacity** A/mm² 1.0
 Contact resistance** /mm² 0.1
 Insulation resistance(DC 500V)*** M 1×10³
 Dielectric breakdown voltage Kv/mm 23~27
 Operating temperature range °C -25~85
*3000 hrs, test at room temperature
**by 4-terminal method (current applied 1-10mA), calculated by minimum electrode's area of connection characteristics.
***DC 500 V is charged at the area between minimum electrodes of connection characteristics (as stated in the annexed paper).
Compression Load-Compressibility Curves:
Resistance-Electrode Area Curves:
sample size:
0.2mm thick MAF-sheet,
0.15mm² gold plated electrode

sample size:
0.4mm thick MAF-sheet,
0.4mm² gold plated electrode

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