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MS type is low resistance-type Inter-Connector using silver particles in the conductive material. This type of connector is superior in contact stability and ideal for connecting between LCD and PCB, PCBs and non-solderable electrical parts. MS type has alternatives of low load type, what is called MS-G and low resistance type with wide zebra, which is MS-Z.

Outline Dimensions:
Dimensions and Tolerances:
Item Unit MS-G MS-Z
 Pitch P mm 0.10±0.05
 Length L mm 3.0~30.0±0.25
 High H mm 1.0~10.0±0.10 0.5~10.0±0.10
 Width W mm 1.3~2.5±0.10 0.6~1.6±0.10
 Core width Z mm 0.5~1.5
 Width of Insulation coat Wi mm 0.01 0.05
*Gas barrier bag is the standard packing style.
*Please refer to the MS type technical material when handling.
*Design guide is available as a reference to determine dimensions.
*MS-G spec.(0.4Z) is also available.
Shin-Etsu Inter-Connector has been registered in European Community, TM No.000299016, and in the United States of America, TM No.2078941.
Basic Properties:
Item Unit MS-G MS-Z
 Volume resistivity* , m 1×10-5 1×10-5
 Insulation resistance* M 1×10³ 1×10³
 Compression set % 10 10
 Operating temperature range °C -25~85 -25~85
The test method is based upon JIS K 6249.
The test marked with * is carried out with Shin-Etsu's own method.
Compression Curves:
sample size:
MS-Z 0.1P×9.5L×3.2H×1.6W
MS-G 0.1P×9.5L×3.2H×1.6W×0.8Z
Resistance-Compressibility Curves:
sample size:
MS-Z 0.1P×9.5L×3.2H×1.6W
MS-G 0.1P×9.5L×3.2H×1.6W×0.8Z

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