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MT-type series are anisotropic conductive sheet type, which consists of soft silicone rubber and of gold-plated metal filaments embedded densely into it. This type of Inter-Connector is suitable for inspecting and connecting IC packages such as BGA, QFP or SOP.
Since MT-4X type has 4-time metal density, it can be used to CSP.
Especially, MT series are superior in transmitting high cycle.

Outline Dimensions:
Dimensional Specifications:
 Pitch(mm) Pi : 0.10±0.03×Ps : 0.10±0.05
4X Pi : 0.05±0.03×Ps : 0.05±0.03
 Length (mm) (mm) Max : 50.0±1.0?Enbsp;  Min : 5.0±0.5
 Width (mm) (mm) Max : 50.0±1.0?Enbsp;  Min : 5.0±0.5
 Thickness (mm) (mm) 0.5+0.05/-0 1.0+0.05/-0 2.0+0.05/-0
 Offset (mm) (mm) 0.25±0.1 0.5±0.1 1.0±0.1
*An optional type whose contact surfaces has been improved in point of absorptivity.
*MT-SOFT type has no 0.5mm thickness.
*Please consult with us for larger size than 50L×50W.
Shin-Etsu Inter-Connector has been registered in European Community, TM No.000299016, and in the United States of America, TM No.2078941.
Offset to Connecting Electrode:
Since metal filaments are inclined in the direction parallel to L dim., upper and lower connecting electrodes need "offset".
Continuity Resistance:
measured by 4-terminal method
The test method: the above-described drawing.
Electrode : Size 0.4mm×0.4mm
gold Plated Electrode (50 patterns)
Test Samples : 0.5mm t (Offset 0.25mm)
1.0mm t (Offset 0.5mm)
2.0mm t (Offset 1.0mm)
  • A frame is temporarily fixed with a connector.
  • A small amount of silicone will remain on the inspected (IC package, etc.,) connected with MT-type connector.
  • When the inspected (IC package, etc.,) with soldered electrodes is pressured and welded to MT-type connector, the solder can adhere to the metal filament part of the connector.
  • When the inspected (IC package, etc.,) is pressured and welded to MT-type connector, it can be absorbed to the connector.
  • Attachments such as dirt, dust and the other alien substances will remarkably increase the contact resistance of the connector.
  • A cross section cut through L direction will be inclined. See the right illustration.
  • MT series Operating Temperature Range:-35-100 degree °C

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